Katonga Wildlife Reserve is found in western Uganda, situated in the Districts of Ibanda and Kamwenge. It's area is constituted of mostly swamps that surround Katonga River which flows between Lakes George and Victoria. This reserve is about 200 kilometres or 120 miles by road from Kampala, Uganda.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve was set up in 1998 with an approximated size of 211 square kilometres (81 square miles). Most of the plants and animals species in this reserve are distinctive to its swampy environs.

The reserve is a home to over 40 animals including the Sitatunga, Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Warthog, Bushbuck, Colobus monkey, Elephant and Otter among others.

Sitatunga in Katonga Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is also home to over  one hundred and fifty (150) species of birds; many of them specific to wetland habitats.